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Hello! My name is Gabriel “Gabe” Olivares and I recieved my B.S. in Computer Information Science from St. Edwards University in 2014. Currently I am a software engineer at Malauzai in Austin, Texas, where I work as a back end Ruby engineer. I have knowledge in web development using JavaScript, PSQL, HTML, JQuery, AngularJS, and ReactJS. I have implemented RESTful API's for the IOS and Android team to use. Previously I worked at Neubus Inc.(2013-2017) and some applications I've developed for them include a series of enterprise applications such as airScan Mobile, Energy-Depot, PDF2Everyone, vBox, and Sima . I have also worked on the mobile web development and design of their applications. In other work, I have developed Heart Over Height and the Miles Collective websites. Various other projects and sites which are shown in projects.


CAPPS Athletics

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Developed a Ruby on Rails application for Capital Area Private & Parochial School. This website was built for 14 schools in Austin Texas to record and display sports information. This website allows the schools to schedule games and tournaments for sports. I utilized Ruby on Rails, HTML, Javascript, and JQuery to develop CAPPS Athletics
You can visit CAPPS Athletics at this link.

Glavy Law

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Developed a Ruby on Rails application for lawyer Bud Glavy. This website displays Bud's law information and his biography. I utilized Ruby on Rails, HTML, Javascript, and JQuery to develop Glavy Law
You can visit Glavy Law at this link.

Heart Over Height Training

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Worked as the sole developer of Heart Over Height Training. I utilized Ruby on Rails, HTML, Javascript, and JQuery to develop HOHT. Also, I ensured responsiveness and mobile friendliness using libraries such as Bootstrap.
You can visit HOHT at this link.

The Miles Collective

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Developed a Ruby on Rails application for artist Jeff Miles. This website displays his biography, contact info, and a gallery of his artwork. I utilized Ruby on Rails, HTML, Javascript, and JQuery to develop The Miles Collective
You can visit The Miles Collective at this link.

Pick Flick

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Single page Ruby on Rails movie application. You can create, edit, delete, and search from your list of movies. When you create a movie you can add title, genre, year, actors, and rating. Also you can search from the imdb(uses imdb api) and see info about additional movies.
You can visit Pick Flick at this link.

Pokédex Application

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Created a single page ROR application integrating the Pokeapi to search and display information about Pokémon. Version 2 API was recently released and the project is still in development for improvements and more features.
You can visit Pokédex Application at this link.